Easy Summer Plants to get your Summer started

As Summer is officially on the way, we have listed 6 easy plants to get you started this summer. If you want fancy foliage with instant appeal, we can help you see the wood for the trees, helping with handy solutions and quick and easy wins. So even with limited time, you’ll have a garden blooming with beautiful flowers.

For year-round colour and impact, choose evergreen shrubs and conifers, they are ideal for providing the structural backbone of a great garden. Look out for wonderful plants like Photinia Red Robin, Euonymus, Californian Lilac, Hebe Margaret and Golden Choisya Sundance (also known as Mexican Orange Blossom). Look out for multi-coloured or patterned leaves that add more interest than standard green ones.

1) Hebes

Evergreen bushes in diverse shapes, sizes and foliage colours. Beautiful pink, purple and white flowers bloom in mid to late summer and loved by bees and butterflies.

2) Magnolia

Magnolias are the star shrub of spring, bearing gorgeous large blooms before the foliage emerges.

3) Mexican Orange Blossom – Choisya

An evergreen shrub, ideal for hedging or in a border. It bears beautiful, fragrant white flowers from late spring.

4) Euphorbia

Euphorbias are fantastic space fillers, adding structure and interest, they require little maintenance.

5) Californian Lilac – Ceanothus

Californian Lilacs produce an abundance of blue flowers and are perfect in a sunny spot.

6) Photinia Red Robin

Red Robin is a useful evergreen shrub with beautiful bright red shoots. Ideal as hedging or in a large border.


(Source: B&Q)